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Ford technology has been designed to make driving as simple and straightforward as possible. Through a range of innovative active safety features and driver technologies, Ford guarantees to deliver a premium experience on the road across its entire range.

One of the active safety features included in the newest models is Active City Stop. This function has been designed to help you negotiate the busy urban environment, preventing low-speed collisions by automatically braking for you if you are about to collide with the car in front.

The system works at speeds below 18mph and is intended to help you when the driver in front suddenly brakes when you aren't expecting them to. The technology is exceptionally clever and will even work in a long line of traffic.

Using a highly sophisticated light-detecting sensor the system is able to process 15 images in the same time that it takes you to blink, scanning the road up to 50 times every second, meaning it is able to react immediately when required.

One in eight car crashes in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain is caused by rear-end shunts; this technology will significantly lower that figure and could potentially eradicate rear-collisions altogether. Receiving a Euro NCAP Advanced reward in 2011, the technology is offered as standard on the Ford C-MAX, Grand C-MAX and Ford B-MAX, as well as being an optional extra with the Driver Assistance Pack on the Ford Fiesta.

To find out more about the Ford Active City Stop and test it for yourself, get in touch with Gates Ford today where you can test drive any of the models we have in stock. You can follow the links on this page for information on the other class-leading Ford technology systems as well.