Ford introduces cash ISAs

Ford Money is the new business venture from the world’s favourite car brand. Now, people can invest their savings through Ford with a range of savings accounts and ISAs that provide competitive rates, offering an alternative to investing with banks. Ford’s new cash ISAs are a safe and secure way for customers to invest their savings, as well as being simple and easy to set up and manage.

Cash ISAs from Ford include a Best Rate Guarantee. Here, Ford pledges to offer the same rates for new and current customers across its variable products, as well as consistently good deals on fixed-rate products. Customers can also rest assured that Ford’s cash ISAs are secured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), protecting each person for up to £85,000.

Many people choose cash ISAs instead of savings accounts as they often provide stronger rates, so you can grow your money faster. With a Two Year Fixed Cash ISA from Ford, you can enjoy an Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) of 1.10 percent with a minimum deposit of £500. Customers who choose this particular ISA will have 14 days to withdraw their funds, after which time the amount cannot be accessed until the bond matures/end of the agreed period.

Ford Money is one of a few other motor companies who have started to offer investment services to their customers. Ford’s interest rates for ISAs are reasonable and could be of significant benefit to you if you are looking for a new ISA.

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