Ford’s Automated Driving Pack

“There is no question that self-driving cars are in our collective future.” – Raj Nair, Chief Technical Officer for Ford.

Ford has come out on top in a recent independent survey which was conducted by Navigant Research regarding automated driving. The American car manufacturer saw off the challenge of a number of companies, including BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and GM Motors.

Even transportation network specialists, Uber, who were founded in 2009, were bested by the more-than-a-century-old Ford.

As the term suggests, ‘automated driving’, is an innovation that enables a vehicle to drive itself, using a sophisticated combination of machinery and electronics, without the need for a human.

In total, 18 different companies were scrutinised, using a ten-point criteria that covered everything from strategy to manufacturing capability. It was in the former category that Ford scored particularly high.

The marque’s Chief Technical Officer, Raj Nair, was understandably happy with the accolade. In his reaction he stated that “this is an important report because Navigant takes a holistic look at what is required to bring self-driving vehicles to market at scale.”

Apart from the levels of expertise at Ford’s disposal, the company has also invested huge amounts of capital into self-driving technology. In terms of roll-out, Ford will initially concentrate on ride-hailing services and delivery vehicles.

To find out more, please read Navigant's survey results. If you have any questions about automated driving and how it will affect future Ford vehicles, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website. Alternatively, please feel free to phone your nearest Gates Ford dealership.