Showcasing innovation: side-by-side 1965 & 2015 Mustang

Highlighting how far the technology has come over the past 50 years

Mustang recognised around the world

A side-by-side model of the 1965 and 2015 Ford Mustangs will exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum.

To celebrate Ford’s innovation and 50 years of history, Ford and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum have created a model of the 1965 and 2015 versions. Split side-by-side with two functional driver compartments, the model showcases the differences between the two models, highlighting how far technology has come over the past 50 years. The 1965 Mustang is in a soft shade of cream and the 2015 model is a fiery shade of bright red.

Since the launch of the 1965 Ford Mustang over 50 years ago, technology has come on leaps and bounds and the contrast between the 1965 and the 2015 versions is absolutely remarkable.

Celebrating 50 years of Ford Mustang | Gates Ford | Latest News
Celebrating 50 years of Ford Mustang | Gates Ford | Latest News
Celebrating 50 years of Ford Mustang | Gates Ford | Latest News
Celebrating 50 years of Ford Mustang | Gates Ford | Latest News

The model will be part of a new, permanent Intellectual Property Power™ Exhibit at the NIHF museum on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Campus in Alexandria, Virginia. The Mustang is just part of a wider exhibit that tells the story of how innovation and US culture have progressed over the past five decades and celebrates the importance of patents.

As an interactive model, the Mustang allows people to understand and engage with how technology, and in particular, automotive technology has evolved over the years.

Ford was chosen for its enormous influence on America’s technological innovation and the Mustang’s iconic status in US historic culture for the past 50 years. Furthermore, Ford has been involved with NHIF’s Camp Invention - a summer volunteer programme that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and builds ‘21st century skills’.

Chris Danowski, Ford Director of Technology Commercialization and Intellectual Property Licensing details how the Mustang has changed over the past five decades. “Everything moved so fast in the design and run-up to production of the original Mustang that there were no styling patents issued back then. Now look at the current car; 2015 Mustang Convertible alone was granted 36 styling patents, which ensure the unique look stays with the car. It also has many unique functional patents for things like the airbag structures, 911 Assist® and so many other technologies baked right in.”

Viewers of the exhibit will learn about Ford’s innovation and engineering that we now consider intrinsic to our vehicles. The Mustang, for example, introduced the first passenger knee airbag system packaged inside the glove box door. It also launched electronic line-lock and standard launch control.
Visitors will also get a feel for how the technology within the car has developed, including the console area and the dials. The roll-up window, AM radio and vent air window are just some of the features that viewers will find in the 1965 side, compared to the touchscreen display in the 2015 model.

There will also be a chance to listen to the different engines to get a greater experience of the Mustang and how even the sound of traffic that we are so used to has changed.

The Mustang exhibit was revealed on May 4 and the opening ceremony included an honour to Henry Ford, the Founder of Ford Motor Company.
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