SmartLink Technology

Ford is paving the way for new technology to develop the safety, convenience and performance of cars. Many of the latest Ford models come fully equipped with a range of technologies as standard, or they can be included as extras with straight forward installation. SmartLink is a system that connects you with your car at all times to send and receive data, even when you are not driving it.

SmartLink is fitted with GPS and a 4G/LTE modem so that it can be connected to the driver’s smartphone. Information such as the car’s health status and location tracking will be sent to the user’s smartphone. This feature will be very useful for parents of young drivers and families who car share. They’ll receive text messages itemising speed limit violations, or when the car has gone outside of its set location.

SmartLink also enables car controls such as engine start and remote locking. If the car is damaged or touched when away from the driver, a text message will be sent to notify the driver and prevent any potential theft. SmartLink can also deliver fuel status and is expected to help drivers be more economical with fuel and control acceleration. The technology is not limited to the new models and is now compatible with Ford models dating back to 2010.

SmartLink will become available later this year. For more information on how you could benefit from SmartLink, or to hear about any more of Ford’s new technologies, contact your local car dealer at Gates Ford today. We have locations all over the south in Harlow, Epping, St Albans, Stevenage, Stortford, and Hertford.