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Finding a suitable parking space can sometimes be a challenge even more the most experienced of drivers. The situation can become more difficult when viewing angles are restricted or if other vehicles nearby have bumpers that are out of site when trying to see around you. Ford Active Park Assist helps park your car for you, eliminating the trouble and stress when parking. All you need to do is press the Active Park Assist button on the dashboard and the ultrasonic sensors will activate, measuring the area around the car and assessing if it is possible to fit into the space. If the space is large enough, the system will take control of the steering and guide your car into the space; all you need to do is use the pedals as normal.

The class-leading technology from Ford is available in the new Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max and Kuga cars, all of which are available from Gates. Find out more about Ford technology by getting in touch with your nearest Gates Ford dealership today. Our friendly sales team will always be on hand to offer you help and advice and you can organise a test drive in any of the newest Ford models, where you will be able to experience the Active Park Assist for yourself.