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Ford cars are equipped with innovative technologies to make driving as enjoyable, intuitive and safe as possible. Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) is one of these technologies, fitted to Ford’s newly-released models.

What is AFLS?

AFLS is an innovative headlight system which helps you spot potential hazards in the dark and makes it easier to avoid accidents. It reacts to the road and focuses on anything which you might need to brake for or avoid. It also reads the road and points the headlights in the most useful direction; around a bend, for example, or into a dip in the road.

How it works

AFLS uses an infrared camera alongside two spotlights in place of conventional fog lamps. The camera is on the lookout for anything that generates heat, such as a pedestrian or an animal. If the camera spots a potential obstacle, it points the two spotlights at it to make the object more visible and tracks a light path from the car.

A GPS system tracks your journey and knows about upcoming junctions or bends in the road before you do. The GPS instructs the headlights to aim into the bend or help you navigate junctions. If GPS is not available, the camera detects road markings to guess your path and light it up. AFLS can even tell when a dip in the road is coming up, and shines the headlights slightly downward to help you spot it.


This new system is available on new Ford models including the new Ford Focus. You can find out more about this innovative system and how it works by speaking to one of the specialist advisers at your local Gates Ford dealership. To book a test drive in the new Ford Focus or to arrange a meeting with a Ford sales adviser, please call us or use the online enquiry form.