Ford Driver Alert

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

Remaining alert whilst driving is essential to avoiding accidents and injury but as much as we try, it can be all too easy to become distracted whilst behind the wheel. With the Ford Driver Alert System, your vehicle is able to determine if you are not paying attention and alert you accordingly in order to prevent accidents from happening.

By monitoring the road ahead as well as your speed, the Driver Alert system can detect if you are not staying within your lane on the road. If this happens, an alert is displayed on your instrument panel along with a chime. If the driver does not take action and the system continues to think there is an issue, the only way to stop the alert is to press ok to confirm you have been made aware of the alert. Failing this, the system will require the vehicle to come to a complete stop and for the driver door to be opened in order to reset the warning sytem. The reason for this is that having to stop should ensure the driver is aware of the issue and offers the chance for a change of driver to change or for a break to be taken.

The system uses a camera mounted to the front of the vehicle to monitor the road ahead. Normal driving should not be disrupted as the system can detect if indicators are being used, or if you are driving below a certain speed.

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