Ford Easy-Fuel Refuelling System

Ford Technology From Gates Ford

Using an innovative structure and latch system, the Ford Easy-Fuel Capless Refuelling System means that you no longer need to touch a potentially dirty fuel cap, as the fuelling nozzle itself is used to open the fuel funnel. This system ensure that the incorrect fuel is not put into your vehicle, which is a mistake we all want to avoid. Because petrol and diesel nozzles are different sizes, your vehicle will be equipped with a funnel of a matching size. That way, if the wrong nozzle is used, it will either not fit or the latches on the fuel cover will not release, preventing the wrong fuel from being added.

Additionally, this technology also helps to prevent fuel theft. If incorrect equipment is used to try and access the fuel tank, such as a hose, the latches will detect the wrong equipment and will not open, meaining fuel cannot be siphoned. Fuel thefts in teh UK have risen by 25% to 4,500 cases so by utilising the Easy-Fuel Refuelling System you significantly reduce the chances of being affected.

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