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Combining direct fuel injection, turbo charging and variable valve timing, the EcoBoost engines can reduce the fuel consumption of a car by 20 percent, without impacting on performance. The water-cooled exhaust reduces the temperature and several other advanced components help to make these engines exceptionally efficient.

EcoBoost engines are available in all new Ford cars from Gates, apart from the Ford KA. You can find out more and experience the unique feeling of the engines for yourself by visiting Gates Ford today.

Our specialist Ford technicians and sales teams will be on hand to talk you through the technology in more detail, and we can organise a test drive for you in any of the cars we have in stock. To find out more about the latest new and used Ford cars available from Gates follow the links on this website, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving us a call or filling in the online enquiry form.