Ford Lane Keeping Alert

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

When driving on the motorway it can be very easy to become distracted and as a result, wander out of your lane by accident. With Ford Lane Keeping Alert, your vehicle will alert you if it feels you have become distracted and are leaving your lane without planning to. By monitoring the road ahead in conjunction with your speed, the Lane Keeping Alert system is able to determine where your vehicle should be positioned to remain within the lanes you're driving in - and alert you if this is likely to change.

A camera is mounted at the top of the windscreen in order to get a wide view of the road ahead and into the distance. The camera is able to detect lane markings which it uses to identify your position in relation to those lane markings. If a warning is required, strong vibrations are sent through the steering wheel to bring to your attention that you are crossing lanes.

The system has been designed not to impede normal driving, as it will not issue an alert if indicators are active as in this situation you are most likely changing likes correctly. Also, if the vehicle is travelling below a certain speed the wanings will not be generated.

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