Ford Trailer Sway Control

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

Maintaining control over any attached trailer is very important to ensure road safety both for you and for other road users. With Ford Trailer Sway Control technology, your vehicle is able to detect if an attached trailer is starting to sway and lose control and take action accordingly. Particularly when travelling at speed a trailer can have a huge impact on vehicle's road dynamics, reducing handling and control whilst increasing braking distances and reducing acceleration due to the weight. Aerodynamics are also affected.

The built in computer systems will monitor the effect of the trailer on the vehicle. If an issue is detected, an alert will pop up on your instrument panel warning you. If the issue continues to proceeds to get worse, the technology has the ability to apply the brakes to individual wheels in order to bring the sway effects under control. Engine power can also be reduced in order to slow the vehicle down in order to stop the sway issues.

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