Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

Low pressure in your vehicle's tyres can cause extra wear and tear as well as reduce the efficiency overall. The results are more costs to you as tyres will need replacing more often and more fuel will be getting used as the vehicle isn't running at its optimum settings. With the Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, you will be alerted should your tyre pressures drop below a specific level to help you know when you need to add more air and check on the health of the tyres.

More importantly, the system can also detect punctures through dramatic drops in pressure. Getting a puncture is very frustrating but whilst the vehicle is in motion it can be very dangerous. By identifying the symptoms of a puncture early and alerting the driver, you can pull over safely before a serious accident arises.

With a warning sign on the dashboard, you will know of any issues with tyre pressure straight away, helping to keep you informed whilst on the road or before starting a long journey.

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