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Ford Acquire & Ford Acquire with Balloon

Traditional and convenient financing for your commercial vehicle

Customer Benefits:

  • Traditional form of vehicle financing
  • Interest rate fixed for the loan duration
  • Regular fixed payments to suit your business needs
  • A choice of repayment periods and deposit levels
  • At the and of the agreement assuming all payments (including the Purchase Fee) have been made, your business owns the vehicle
  • As owners of the vehicle, your business retains any profit from the sale of the vehicle
  • Writing down allowances may be available
  • Reduce your regular payments by choosing the Ford Acquire with balloon option

Ford Acquire is a traditional Hire Purchase finance plan, which will end with your business owning the hired vehicle outright. After a deposit is made and a repayment period is chosen, we will arrange a quotation so that you know how much you will be invoiced per month. The regular payments are calculated on the financed amount, interest, and a Finance Facility Fee. Once this application has been submitted and then confirmed, the vehicle will be yours to drive. The monthly payments will culminate in ownership transferring to you, following the final balloon payment along with a purchase fee.

    Ford Acquire

    Ford Acquire with balloon

    How Ford Acquire works:

    1. Select the Ford Commercial Vehicle you want
    2. Choose your deposit* and your preferred repayment method
    3. Gates will provide you with an instant quotation showing your regular payments which are based on the amount financed plus interest
    4. Once you are happy with your quote, Gates will submit your application to Ford Credit
    5. When the finance documentation is complete, you can drive away in your new Ford Commercial Vehicle
    6. At the end of the agreement the vehicle belongs to your business (assuming all payments including the Purchase Fee have been made)
    7. If you have taken the Ford Acquire with balloon option then your final payment will be the balloon amount. The vehicle will belong to your business once all payments (including the final balloon payment and the Purchase Fee) have been made
    *VAT registered customers must pay the VAT amount in full with the deposit.
    You should always seek independent professional advice in relation to taxation and VAT issues. Restrictions apply.