Ford GT to showcase pioneering carbon-fibre wheels

Superbly Lightweight, Improved Acceleration & Braking Performance

First Ford Supercar with Carbon Wheels

The new Ford GT will feature next-generation carbon-fibre wheels, providing lightweight efficiency and a stylish finish.

Ford is soon to release its latest supercar, the Ford GT, and the newest model will feature these next-generation carbon-fibre wheels. With a bare-carbon finish and a choice of either matte or glossy clear coating revealing the stunning structure of the material, these sophisticated wheels are considered the most stylish choice on the market today. This cutting-edge and refined exposed carbon finish will also feature in the supercar’s sills, extractor and fascia.

Ford GT Rear Exterior
Ford GT Front Exterior
Ford GT Exterior
Ford GT Front Exterior

Ford is working with Carbon Revolution to produce the wheels using advanced fibre and resin compounds that are exceptionally flexible. This allows Ford to produce more intricate spoke designs, further increasing the supercar’s lavish appeal.

Stronger and Lighter

Although the new model will come with supercar-specification, ten-spoke forged aluminium wheels as standard, drivers can opt for the next-generation carbon-fibre versions. Despite being the same size, the carbon-fibre wheels are structurally stronger and save more than two pounds of unsprung weight per wheel, which in turn reduces inertia by 25 percent.

Exceptionally Comfortable yet Exhilerating Drive

These innovative wheels are superbly lightweight, improving the car’s acceleration and braking performance. Not only do they allow you to gain speed quickly, you can also decelerate swiftly, improving the agility of the car and the driver’s ability to navigate sharp corners. Suspension action is also improved as a result of reduced rotational inertia, thanks to the carbon-fibre’s incredibly light and strong make-up. This allows the car to maintain contact with the road surface, improving traction control and, again, steering agility. Despite their light weight, the pioneering carbon-fibre wheels are extremely strong and able to curb vibration, reducing noise and making the drive much more smooth and relaxing. All of these features improve the car’s performance and the driver’s control, making the all-new Ford GT an exceptionally comfortable yet exhilarating drive.

Having passed the stringent tests put in place by Ford and Carbon Revolution, the wheels have proven to be irresolutely strong under impact and immensely durable. This is exceptionally important for a supercar that’s designed to excel during fast and demanding drives.

This isn’t the first time that Ford has released a supercar with carbon-fibre wheels. In 2015, the Shelby® GT350R Mustang debuted as standard the world’s first mass-produced carbon-fibre wheel.

David Pericak, Ford Performance Global Director, praises Ford for its innovative use of carbon fibre. He states, “Ford was the innovator as the first to offer mass-produced carbon-fiber wheels as a standard offering on Shelby GT350R Mustang. Now, Ford GT will offer the next generation in carbon-fiber wheels, with an advanced resin and fiber technology that gives our designers more freedom, while also showcasing the structure of the material’s weave.”