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Ford and Spotify team up

​​FordPass App from Ford

Creating a Great Music Experience

Ford is working with Spotify to create an advanced entertainment experience for FordPass members.

FordPass is an app that’s designed to make your driving experience easier by helping you to find conveniences like parking and by monitoring your car’s fuel and maintenance needs. Already, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and BP are working with FordPass to help members find what they need when on the move. Spotify is the latest service to partner with Ford to increase FordPass members’ music choices while driving.

Elena Ford, Ford Vice President of Global Dealer and Consumer Experience, explains the aim of the app, “The FordPass platform is about understanding people’s needs and developing great experiences and ways to help them move better. The combination of FordPass and Spotify will create a great music experience both inside and outside of the vehicle”.

Ford Dashboard

Having the ability to listen to a wide range of music while driving is becoming increasingly important. An American study found that participants spend more than 25 hours per week listening to music, and 900 hours a year on the move. Marrying the two seems almost natural and making listening to music while driving even easier is Ford’s latest aspiration with customers at its heart.

Ford and Spotify Team Up

Teaming up with Ford is an exciting prospect for Spotify as Jorge Espinel, Spotify Vice President for Business Development, explains, “Our goal is to light up the FordPass experience with music. We want to be everywhere fans listen to music, and this partnership deepens our relationship with Ford and FordPass members”.

FordPass is about much more than finding great music to listen to while on the move, it’s about streamlining and developing a driver’s experience, both on and off the road.

Marketplace, for example, is a range of mobility services that makes getting around much easier. Ford has teamed up with Parkopedia and ParkWhiz to help people find parking and pay more simply, just using the app. They are also working with FlightCar to enable members to borrow and share vehicles when they are away from home. Through Marketplace, Ford owners can schedule maintenance work and review their Ford Credit vehicle finance all through the app.

FordGuides enable members to speak directly to knowledgeable and friendly guides who will help them navigate the roads, avoid restrictions and plan a journey in advance. Their job is not to sell, but just to inform members to make their lives much easier.

FordPass Appreciation is a rewards service that recognises members’ interaction with the app, including registering as a member and booking services, and offers bonuses such as merchandise and additional experiences.


They are also soon to launch FordHubs, a store that provides members with news and information on Ford’s latest innovations, services and exclusive experiences. At the stores, FordGuides will be on hand to help them understand the mobility options of their city and inform them of any up and coming events and new releases.

And it doesn’t stop there; FordPass has plans to partner with providers of news, sports, children’s programming, audiobooks and many more services to meet more of its customers’ needs.

It’s clear that Ford’s aim of transitioning into an auto and mobility company is really starting to take shape, and this latest partnership with Spotify is just the beginning. For more news on Ford, be sure to check back regularly. You can also contact our team for information on the line-up of Ford models currently available.

For more information on the new car range from Ford and the technology available, contact us today and speak directly to a member of the team.