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Pothole Alert System

Ford is developing an array of new technologies for its new models to enhance car safety and performance. The latest addition to this new strain of technology is the Pothole Alert System, designed to protect you and your car from driving over potholes that can damage the vehicle and cause accidents. According to research from the AA, an astonishing 39% of drivers are affected by pothole damage, showing that a call for solution is necessary. With an alert system in place, the idea is that drivers can use alternative routes to avoid potholes as much as possible and the car is protected.

Using a front camera, Ford cars will track and monitor various routes to scan the road for potholes. This information is then saved as data for pothole-sensing, and will be uploaded onto a system and fed to other Ford cars. When a driver uses a route that has been scanned, they will be able to anticipate upcoming potholes and the car’s suspension will also adjust accordingly. Ford’s digital dashboard will suggest other routes, or at the very least, prepare the driver so they can slow down or move around the pothole.

Pothole-sensing has been in development for a while and the concept is currently on trial at Ford’s research centre in Germany to test its function. Some UK councils are also getting involved in using technology to monitor potholes, while others believe funding should be used to fix the roads.

The new Pothole Alert System will be available soon at Gates Ford. Gates are renowned for excellent customer service and are experts in the Ford franchise. For more information on the latest Ford technology and to find out how you could benefit, contact your local Gates Ford dealership today. Visit any one of our centres in Stevenage, St. Albans, Bishop's Stortford, Hertford, Potters Bar, Harlow, Woodford Green, Enfield and Walthamstow today.