Ford makes the world's Most Ethical Companies list

Recognition for Ethics, Compliance & Culture

Moral Principles of Ford Awarded

Ford remains the only vehicle manufacturer to be recognised for its high ethical standards on Ethisphere Institute's List of 2016 World's Most Ethical Companies. As the only automaker to be named by Ethisphere Institute, Ford is setting the moral bar high for how vehicle manufacturing companies should be run. 

Each year, Ethisphere Institute lists its 100 most ethical companies around the world, recognising them for how they pave the way in important areas. These include ethics and compliance, corporate citizenship and responsibilities, culture, reputation, and governance and leadership. They also recognise how these principles are put into place; focusing on how employees are encouraged to make good choices, and how the company establishes best practice to maintain standards in the future. Each company is judged on these subjects by precise data, ensuring that businesses are justly compared to one another, and that those named are rightfully deserving of the honour.

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For the seventh year running, Ford has been honoured for its dedication to each of these key principles, remaining the only automaker to be officially recognised by Ethisphere Institute.

Ford Understands that Trust is the Cornerstone of Everything it Does

Timothy Erblich, CEO of Ethisphere, personally praised Ford for its outstanding dedication to ethical standards’ responsibility. He observed, “Ford understands that trust is the cornerstone of everything it does, and its commitment to being an active part of a global community helps explain why it is the only automaker Ethisphere has recognized every year since 2010. Being honored for the seventh time is no small achievement.”
And true to Ford’s moral principles, Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, thanked all the dedicated employees who deliver the company’s high standards. “This honor celebrates our employees who are committed to doing the right things and making the right choices,” he said. “Ethics and corporate citizenship are the foundation of what drives us to make people’s lives better,” he continued, confirming the significance and value of the honour.

Ethical Standards Becoming Increasingly Important

Ethical standards are becoming increasingly important in the eyes of the general public today. In fact, a recent poll in the US - the 2016 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient - revealed that 50 percent of people now research a company before doing business with them. Even more surprisingly, the poll showed that more than 30 percent of people decided against working with a company that they considered to be represented in a negative light. These stats are indicative of the wisdom of Ford’s commitment to fulfilling the desires of its customers.

So what does this recognition mean for Ford? Well, it means it’s clearly doing the right thing. It has demonstrated that it’s driven by ethical standards and that it is committed to maintaining these principles for many years to come. And with such substantial and esteemed support from a globally-recognised institute, you can be sure that Ford will continue to build on its distinguished reputation well into the future.