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New All-Electric Ford Explorer

New All-Electric Ford Explorer

Ford Mustang Mach-E

All-New Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Ford S-MAX

Ford Tourneo Connect

All-New Ford Tourneo Courier

All-New Ford Tourneo Custom

Ford Ranger Raptor

Future Vehicles

Future Vehicles
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Invest in the future A new car is a sound investment, particularly if you keep it regularly maintained. Not only will it provide you with years of valuable service, but it’s also more likely to maintain peak resale value.

Why Buy New?

New Ford vehicles come equipped with the latest technologies which make them easier and more enjoyable to drive – and safer to travel in.

    Fuel Efficiency Ford is constantly evolving its powertrain technologies. EcoBoost engines are a case in point. They’re lighter and take up less room than larger, heavier turbocharged equivalents while offering enhanced efficiency, which means they’re easier to live with.
    The New Ford Puma coming soon to Gates dealerships
    Choice of specification Ford vehicles come in a range of trim levels and specifications – choose the configuration that perfectly suits your driving needs and preferences.
    Full manufacturer warranty All New Ford Cars and Vans come with a full Ford warranty, allowing you to enjoy a peace-of-mind motoring experience.
    Exterior view of the Ford Fiesta
    Latest technology and safety A brand-new Ford vehicle is equipped with the latest technology, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to drive – and safer to travel in.
    Reliability Ford cars and vans are built to last – and one of the great things about buying a new Ford is that an MOT isn’t required for three years.

    New Cars & Vans from Gates

    At Gates Ford, we have the full range of New Ford Cars and Vans on display in our showrooms across Essex and Hertfordshire. Choose from practical hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus, ever-popular SUVs like the Ford Puma and Kuga, right up to powerhouse pick-ups like the Ford Ranger and hugely versatile panel vans such as the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Vans.

    Value my Vehicle

    If you’re looking to upgrade, why not let us value your current vehicle?

    Valuations are free of charge and you can get a price in just a few, simple steps. You’ll then be able to put its equity towards a New Ford Car or Van.

    What our customers say

    Read our latest customer reviews and comments below.

      I enjoyed excellent service from Gates of Harlow when purchasing my new Ford Kuga ST-Line X. John looked after me very well, as did Frank for the handover. I'm delighted with the new car and look forward to putting it to great use in the months ahead. You definitely get value when purchasing a for – great for the money. Had to wait a while but it is worth the wait. TR Words
      Michael helped us choose our new car, gave us extremely thorough information throughout, changed his schedule to fit ours and was extremely friendly and courteous throughout. He answered all our questions and not once did I believe he was taking advantage or overselling us. We're very happy with our new car and got a great deal.

      Michael B
      I am on my second purchase from Ford Gates of St Albans. Tom and Harry from Commercial Vehicles, provided a wonderful service on both occasions.

      Sabin Petrescu


      Our most frequently asked questions are featured below – if you have a different query, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Gates dealership team.

      When will 2024 reg plates be available?


      New number plates come out every year in March and September. The new 24 plate will therefore be available from 1st March 2024. Why not choose a brand-new Ford to go with it, such as the New Ford Puma or the New Ford Kuga? These brand new cars are for sale at your local Gates dealership.

      How can I get a 2024 number plate?


      You can get a 2024 number plate from a Gates Ford dealership. If you have a particular Ford model in mind, please contact us and we’ll be sure to reserve it for you.

      Can you buy number plates in advance?


      Yes. Gates Ford is a reputable dealership group, which means we supply number plates with the appropriate documentation. Please contact your local Gates Ford showroom team for more details.

      How do 2024 plates influence car value?


      A 2024 plate signifies that a car is the latest model, which makes it instantly attractive to potential purchasers.

      Why buy Ford?


      There are a wide range of New Ford Cars available currently along with some of the best commercial vehicles on the market, including the All-New Ford Transit Custom. From passenger vehicles such as the Ford Puma and Kuga SUVs and the Focus hatchback to MPVs like the Tourneo Connect as well as All-Electric cars and vans such as the Mustang Mach-E and the All-Electric Ford E-Transit. To find out more about the Ford range and to discover a New Ford Car or Van that suits your needs and budget, you can visit one of our New Car Dealerships located across Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

      Do I get a warranty with a new car?


      Yes. All new Ford vehicles are supplied with a three-year (or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first) warranty. This covers any part of the vehicle that requires repair or replacement caused by a manufacturing fault. For extra reassurance, why not buy an extended warranty? Please contact us to learn more. 

      What to look for in a new car

      • Cost – how much are you prepared to spend to get the best car for your budget?
      • Practicality and space – is the car easy to access (does it have five doors, for example) and is there enough room inside to accommodate friends and family? Consider the size and flexibility of the boot too.
      • Efficiency – are you looking for a fuel-efficient petrol or diesel car – or an electrified vehicle that’s even more affordable to run?
      • Performance – how fast does the car accelerate, how does it handle, what are its braking capabilities, what is its suspension set up and how aerodynamic is it?
      • Safety – does the car have a high Euro NCAP crash-test rating?
      • Technology – is the car well-equipped. For instance, does it have a decent sound system, satellite navigation, connectivity options, etc.?

      The best way to assess a new Ford car is to book a new car test drive with Gates Ford. 

      Is it worth buying a new car?


      There are definite advantages. For a start, you can choose the exact model that suits your needs, you’re provided with a full manufacturer warranty, and you’ll be the first ever owner. Furthermore, it won’t need an MOT until the third anniversary of its registration

      Should I buy an electric car?


      There are many compelling reasons for doing so. For example, it’s very affordable to run – and it produces zero harmful emissions (which means it's exempt from ULEZ and other Clean Air Zone charges). You can find out more by viewing our dedicated Hybrid and Electric section

      How often should you get a new car?


      On average, UK motorists tend to replace their cars every four to six years, but it really depends on your finances and personal preferences

      Why are new cars cheaper than used?


      Generally speaking, new cars are more expensive than used cars, but new car financing can sometimes mean lower monthly payments compared to buying a used car with finance. Also, some new cars are offered with incentives and discounts.

      Should I buy a petrol car?


      The majority of Ford vehicles are available with EcoBoost petrol engine options which deliver excellent fuel economy, low emissions and enhanced efficiency.

      Are new cars worth it?


      Yes. Here are just three reasons why a new car is worth buying:

      • Choose the exact specification for your ideal model
      • Benefit from the full extent of the manufacturer warranty
      • No history gaps to worry about – you are your car’s very first owner

      Is new better than used?


      A new car is less likely to have any issues – and in the unlikely event that it does, they’ll be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

      Which new Ford dealers are near me?


      Our branches are located throughout Essex and Hertfordshire – please click here to find your nearest Gates Ford dealer.

      Contact us Would you like to know more about buying a New Ford Car or Van from Gates? Or perhaps you’d like to book a test drive? Either way, our experienced Sales Teams would be delighted to assist you in finding your perfect New Ford Vehicle. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.