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Tyres - Useful Information

Tyre maintenance plays an integral role in your safety on the road and the performance of your car. When driving in inclement conditions such as rain, ice, and snow, being able to rely on your brakes, steering, and acceleration is vital - and the tyres on your new or used Ford are key to each of these measures. Without adequate tread depth, for example, road handling and grip are significantly compromised, putting you and other road users at risk.

At Gates Ford, we aim to support you in ensuring tyre performance is at its best. For example, we know that the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, meaning being caught with one tyre below this depth could lead to a fine and three points on your licence. With all four below the limit, the penalties are far greater.

As such, we can offer tyre replacement services that will cost substantially less than any potential fines. This even includes wheel alignment support. Incorrect alignment may cause tread to wear out quicker than anticipated, so having professional technicians ensure your wheels are perfectly aligned is key. You can take advantage of our wheel alignment services from just £14.99. Learn more by contacting the team at Gates ford today.