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Wheel Alignment For Your Ford Vehicle

For as little as £39.99, we perform essential tracking and wheel alignment checks to help ensure that your Ford car offers optimal protection on uneven surfaces.

Ensuring that your vehicle’s wheels are accurately calibrated is vitally important. It might seem obvious but if they are not all pointing in the right direction, they can, at best, compromise your motoring experience. At worst, they can expose you and your co-passengers to danger.

There are many symptoms of wheel misalignment, often caused by contact with a pothole or impact with a kerb. For example, you might have spotted that your tyres are more worn on one side than the other, or that your car always veers to one side.

At Gates Ford, our expert technical team measure as many as 14 wheel angles to make sure that they are aligned correctly, thus matching your particular model’s original specifications. We also fine-tune your car’s steering and suspension to minimise tyre wear, maximise fuel efficiency and deliver optimal handling.

Please read on to see our full range of wheel alignment options, and select the one that best suits your needs. If you have any questions at all, or if you require advice about the most appropriate offer, please don’t hesitate to contact your closest Gates Ford dealership in Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Greater London.

Front wheel alignment check: £39.99

Further to this check, should the front wheels need to be aligned, all-inclusive price will be:

Check and adjust front wheel alignment: £64.50

If you are experiencing steering problems, or if rear tyres are also wearing unevenly, we would recommend:

Check and adjust four wheel alignment: £129.00

For further advice on wheel alignment, please contact your local Gates dealership. To make a booking, please click here.

You can also get in touch with us by using the Online Chat feature on our website during normal opening hours or by completing our online contact form at any time.