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The cost of running and maintaining a fleet of Ford vehicles is often not fully understood by business owners and fleet managers. It is estimated that around 40 percent of the total Whole Life Cost of all company vehicles comes from regular running costs. With our helpful guide, you can gain a much better knowledge of what to expect and how to budget for the expenses involved.


Petrol or diesel top-ups are a necessary expenditure when it comes to the vast majority of fleet vehicles. The cost can vary depending on whether you are carrying out long or short journeys, the number of passengers you carry, and how your vehicles are driven.
Fuel costs are the second largest element in the Whole Life Cost of any vehicle, covering around 25 percent of the total spend. You can work out accurate fuel costs for any Ford vehicle by using the helpful calculators available at http://carfueldata.direct.gov.uk/. It is possible to lower fuel costs by choosing the Ford vehicles with the best fuel economy and efficiency figures.

Fleet Maintenance

Service, maintenance and repair costs can account for as much as 15 percent of a vehicle’s Whole Life Cost. This includes regular servicing, labour charges, and any spare parts that are needed throughout its lifetime – such as tyres, brakes, windscreens etc.

As a Ford representative, Gates has a fixed-price servicing menu that allows you to easily work out the cost of different jobs. You can find this information by following this link to the Ford Fleet National Pricing Programme. For details about service plans and general aftersales support, you can browse through the information on our website.

Fleet Insurance

Most people pay vehicle insurance in an annual single premium, but if you change the vehicle line-up within your fleet it can lead to a change in premiums. For example, adding high-risk models will result in your premiums increasing. Make sure you are aware of how new vehicles will affect your fleet insurance costs before you make any changes.

Road Tax for Fleet Vehicles

Many fleet managers forget about National Insurance contributions when planning their budget for the year. At the moment, this is worked out as 12.8 percent of the car’s P11D price, combined with the relevant CO2 emissions tax band. You will also have to pay Vehicle Excise Duty, which is linked to emissions, but VED is expected to be cut to zero for the cleanest vehicles.

Overlooked Fleet Costs

The Write Down Allowance is one of the most commonly overlooked costs of running a fleet. The Write Down Allowance of each vehicle is also worked out using CO2 emissions figures. With Ford vehicles, you will find that 85 percent of the range qualifies for a 20 percent Write Down Allowance (normally 10 percent) when purchased outright. This is because the CO2 emissions are typically below the 160g/km threshold.

If you have any more questions about the running costs for a fleet, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Gates Ford dealership today. With dedicated business experts on hand at all of our showrooms, we can help you fully understand fleet pricing and management