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Ford Pro™ Software

Ford Pro™ Software is a suite of software applications designed to improve vehicle uptime and overall productivity, help manage your electric fleet as well as a host of other benefits. The software provides data and real-time visibility on all your fleet vehicles.

Depending on the size and specific requirements of your fleet, smartphone apps and software platforms – including Ford Telematics, Ford Telematics Essentials, and FordPass Pro† – will allow you access to a wide range of productivity and vehicle uptime tools and subscriptions.

Below is a further explanation on some of the Ford Pro™ Software solutions offered. Please contact your local Gates Transit Centre in Harlow, Stevenage or St Albans if you have any further questions.

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What is FordPass Pro?

Here at Gates Ford, we know the challenges that our commercial and business customers face in managing a fleet of vehicles - FordPass Pro is the perfect tool to assist!

FordPass Pro revolutionises managing a fleet of up to five vehicles. This simple to use app allows you access to live data that keeps you up to date and in tune with your vehicles. The data provided includes the health and whereabouts of the vehicle at any given time. Arising issues like low tyre pressure are alerted to you and handy reminders about the health of your vehicles, such as a service being due, will help you to stay on top of maintenance. You can even set Gates as your preferred Ford Dealer, and book servicing and repairs straight from the app.

FordPass Pro can also take control of automatic vehicles, starting the engine remotely on cold mornings. And so that you can rest assured that your vehicle is secure, you can even lock your vehicle from the app.

Most of the New Ford Commercial Vehicle range come fully-equipped with the FordPass Connect modem, so when you upgrade your vehicle, you'll be all set!

So, make FordPass Pro your handy companion when it comes to looking after your business vehicles. To find out more about how it can keep you in control of your vehicles, get in touch with your local Gates Transit Centre in Harlow, Stevenage or St Albans.

FordPass Pro

FordPass Pro features

FordPass Pro can be used on any Ford Commercial Vehicle with FordPass Connect - a built in modem which allows you to stay connected with your vehicles, wherever you may be.

Once you've downloaded the App, it's really simple to activate the modem and add the VINs of up to five vehicles. Then you are ready to go! You'll then have access to many benefits which include:

Vehicle Locations: Keep an eye on your vehicle fleet and their whereabouts with locations shown on one map.

Remote Start/Stop: Available on automatic vehicles only, this handy feature allows you to start the vehicle remotely from the app - perfect for warming up the vehicle before leaving on those cold mornings!

Remote Lock/Unlock: Lock or unlock the vehicle remotely or give a friend or partner access to the vehicle if you can’t meet them in person.

Vehicle Health Status: This handy feature presents all of the key health information in one place such asfuel, oil and AdBlue levels, tyre pressure and more. It's really easy to switch seamlessly between vehicles too.

Vehicle Health Alerts: Be alerted to any health issues flagged on the vehicle by push notifications

Dealers and Services: Find and set your preferred Gates dealership so that making contact is easy! You can arrange and servicing and repairs with the dealer directly through the app.

Roadside Assistance: Need help? Just two taps of the app to call Ford Roadside Assistance. It couldn't be simpler to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Live Traffic: Receive Live Traffic Updates through your Ford SYNC3 Navigation system complete with route updates depending on the traffic conditions.

Owners Manual: No more searching through the glovebox. Your owners manually can instead be browsed with ease on the app

Download FordPass Pro

The FordPass Pro app is available to download on your Apple and Android device.

Should you need any help in setting up your connected vehicles, do not hesitate to contact our Transit Centre Specialists who would be delighted to assist!

Download on the App Store

Download on Google Play

Ford Pro™ Telematics

At Gates Transit Centres, we appreciate that no two fleets are the same and that’s why Ford Pro™ telematics and data solutions have been introduced. It will help you increase vehicle uptime and productivity, reduce maintenance costs, manage compliance or improve efficiency in other ways so you can focus on managing your business.

Ford Telematics Essentials

This is a complementary tool designed for businesses with 5 vehicles or more. The intuitive interface shows the health status of your connected Ford vehicles, displaying live alerts as and when something needs attention. So, you can plan more effectively with useful vehicle insights that help you monitor your vehicles’ performance whilst keeping track of where they go and how they are running.

Ford Telematics Essentials

Ford Telematics

Ford Telematics is similar to Ford Telematics Essentials but can offer much more in addition. It can help you to manage your fleet more efficiently. Offering a range of productivity tools, alerts and vehicle insights, that let you monitor your vehicles’ performance, keep track of where they go, how they’re used, and how they’re running. Plus with the New All-Electric E-Transit you can enjoy E-Telematics free for 12 months (from date of warranty).

New Electric Vehicle Insights

Ford Pro Telematics is an invaluable tool when it comes to maintaining a fleet of Ford electric vehicles. Through enhanced insights and alerts, you'll be able to keep track of your vehicles' location, charging status and running costs.

Electric Vehicle Insights

Staying Informed

The Ford Telematics Drive app is a complementary solution which allows drivers to report information to the fleet manager by completing vehicle checklists or reporting any maintenance issues via the app.

Ford Pro Software

Ford Liive

FORDLiive is an integrated suite of products and services designed to maximise the productive uptime of your connected Ford commercial vehicle by enabling smarter maintenance decisions, faster turnaround & dedicated, data-driven technical support.

FORDLiive Centres have dedicated agents connecting the Transit Service dealer network with additional expertise, resources and vehicle health data.

FORDLiive is available when you activate your modem through FordPass Pro or one of the Telematics packages explained above. Once activated, any required work on your vehicle can be identified and an appropriate schedule to keep your business moving will be agreed with you.

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If you would like to find out more information about FordPass Pro, Ford Telematics or Ford Liive, our Transit Centre Specialists would be delighted to bring you up to speed or help get your current vehicles set up. Simply contact your nearest Gates Transit Centre today with dealerships in Harlow, Stevenage and St Albans.