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Ford Easy-Fuel

Putting the wrong fuel into your car can have catastrophic consequences, potentially causing extensive damage to the engine. Thousands of motorists each year make this common mistake, but for Ford drivers it’s become a thing of the past thanks to the manufacturer’s Easy Fuel system.

The technology makes it almost impossible to fill up with the wrong fuel by ensuring that only the right nozzle fits. This is done via a spring-loaded flapper door that is held closed by two latches. Since petrol and diesel pumps are both of a standard size, which differs depending on the fuel, the latches only release when the proper size nozzle is inserted. As the nozzle is removed, the door closes and seals the filler pipe, helping reduce evaporative emissions.

This clever technology not only prevents filling up with the wrong fuel, it also removes the need for a cap, saving you the inconvenience of dirty hands or a struggle to loosen or tighten a cap.