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Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

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Bringing additional safety and driving enjoyment, the new Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System enhances multiple vehicles in the Ford new car range by providing additional grip and handling capabilities with minimal impact on fuel economy and emissions. The new Ford Galaxy is the first of the Ford new car range to be available with the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System with the new Mondeo, new S-MAX and the up-coming Edge SUV all set to receive the performance upgrade. With the intelligent system in place, the engine will deliver torque accurately based on current conditions and the amount of grip each wheel is currently achieving. By performing split second calculations, wheels are able to maintain additional grip with the road, delivering better handling and safety particularly when road conditions are less than perfect.

The Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system makes huge numbers of calculations in the space of just 100 milliseconds to determine how much grip each individual wheel is achieving. The system will then deliver the most appropriate amount of torque to each individual wheel to ensure the best delivery of power whilst achieving the greatest amount of grip. In the blink of an eye the system can switch power delivery between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive too, giving flexibility and versatility to ever changing road conditions. The result is a smooth, safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Vehicles Available with All Wheel Drive

A wide range of new Ford vehicles are available with the AWD system and can be ordered from your local Gates dealership now. Below is a list of vehicles that are available with the intelligent system:

- Ford Focus RS

- Ford Kuga

- Ford Transit

- Ford Mondeo

- Ford Edge​

- Ford Galaxy

- Ford S-MAX

- Ford Ranger

- Ford Mondeo Vignale