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Ford Torque Vectoring Control

Ford Technology from Gates Ford

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New Ford models are fitted with some of the most advanced technologies available, at a competitive price.

What is Torque Vectoring Control?

This innovative feature is a new, updated version of traction control. It combats wheel spin, to give you grip and purchase on the road. It is seamless and automatic, so it is impossible to tell when the system is at work. It gives you ultimate control, without reducing engine power or restricting the power delivered to the wheels. This avoids the frustration often associated with traction control, which strangles the engine in order to bring the car under control.

Ford Torque Vectoring Control is designed to give you ultimate control on any road surface, with no compromise to power or performance. It is both a safety feature and a means to enhance the car’s performance. Keen drivers especially will welcome the added surge of acceleration you get in cars fitted with Torque Vectoring Control, compared to traction control.

How it works

Torque Vectoring Control uses the same sensors as traction control to detect when a wheel is about to spin. It then applies gentle braking pressure to bring the speed of the wheel back to what it should be. It kicks in automatically, usually when you are driving sportily, and nips wheel spin in the bud. This reduces the chance of understeer which enhances the car’s handling abilities, and it can also prevent tyre wear.

Find out more

If you are interested in the new Ford Torque Vectoring System, you can find out more by getting in touch with your local Gates dealership. This technology is fitted to new models including the Fiesta, the C-MAX and the Grand C-MAX. To book your test drive in any of these cars or to arrange an appointment with a specialist Ford adviser, please contact us. You can enquire online at any time or phone the sales team directly during opening hours.