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Pre-Collision Assist

This intelligent system is designed to help prevent – and reduce the severity of – frontal collisions that may involve pedestrians. Radar and camera technology scans the road up to 130m ahead and you’re given an audible and visual warning when the presence of vehicles and pedestrians is detected. If you don’t respond in time, the brakes are automatically applied to minimise the severity of the collision or, in some cases, prevent it altogether.

The technology functions at speeds of up to 50mph, making it especially useful in urban settings, where unpredictable situations may occur, such as pedestrians crossing the path of the vehicle unexpectedly. It also works at night, although drivers are encouraged to remain vigilant in low-light conditions as the system is most effective in daylight.

As with all Ford technologies, Pre-Collision Assist has been extensively tested and refined by Ford’s engineers to ensure optimum performance in a wide variety of circumstances.