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Ford Auto-Start-Stop

Those whose daily commute involves periods of waiting in traffic or at lights will be aware of how much fuel can be used in such situations. Ford’s Auto-Start-Stop system is designed to reduce the impact of this by automatically switching off the engine while your vehicle is idling.

Power continues to be supplied to in-car features such as the Ford SYNC system, radio and air-conditioning, as well as to headlights when necessary, but the engine itself is shut down to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

Simply depressing the clutch and selecting first gear in anticipation of movement will re-start the engine in manual cars. In automatic models, pressing the accelerator will re-start the car. Tests have shown that the Auto-Start-Stop technology can reduce fuel consumption by as much as ten percent for those driving in towns and cities, making it particularly useful for urban drivers. It can also be turned off if necessary.