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Ford EcoMode

Now more than ever, drivers are conscious of the impact of motoring on the environment. With fuel prices increasing too, many want to ensure they’re maximising their fuel economy. EcoMode is a software application that helps you become a more efficient driver by assessing your on-road behaviour and offering tips on how to improve it to get the most from your tank.

Elements such as speed, braking and gear shifting are analysed to generate a scorecard to show you how economical your driving style is. Scores are displayed as leaf symbols on the dash, of which a maximum of five can be achieved.

Behaviour that is encouraged by the system includes accelerating and decelerating smoothly, maintaining constant speed in traffic, and using the highest drivable gear. Leaves are awarded for employing such techniques, while tips are displayed if improvement could be made in a particular discipline. All this enables you to improve your fuel economy by up to 24 percent.