Introducing the New Ford Mustang

Due for a UK release in early 2018, the Ford Mustang boasts an updated look, additional features and engine and gearbox upgrades.

The Mustang’s front fascia betrays the most obvious signs of evolution, with its front bumper, for instance, sporting a more dynamic look, particularly where the car’s air intakes are concerned. Overall, the vehicle is sleeker than before. This is due in no small part to a lower-set bonnet. The new Mustang features more subtly streamlined headlamps too – and LED lights are now included. The car’s fog lights are also slimmer, and form a part of the redesigned bumper.

At the rear of the vehicle, gently curved taillights are a new addition, while a refashioned diffuser sits a little lower than before. The Mustang’s circular exhaust tips don’t emit quite so much sound and fury as before, thanks to the addition of noise-reducing active exhaust technology. A cabin refresh sees the inclusion of digital dials, which feature as part of a new and customisable 12-inch LCD instrument display screen.

The Mustang’s 2.3-litre engine sees a reduction in power from 313bhp to 286bhp but without any loss of performance. The car’s 5.0-litre V8 unit, meanwhile, has been increased from 412bhp to 443bhp. Each engine is typically mated to a six-speed manual gearbox but can now be selected with ten-speed automatic transmission (a first for this model).

MagneRide dampers are available as an option, enabling the car to adapt to less-than-perfect surfaces.

MyMode and Drag Strip Mode are two new drive modes, providing the driver with more ways to adjust to a range of on-road conditions. The new Mustang now comes with semi-autonomous technology, helping to prevent collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles. It also keeps the car in its intended lane and warns against driver drowsiness.

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New Ford Mustang Headlight
New Ford Mustang Dashboard
New Ford Mustang Wheel