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Future Vehicles
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Simply Sell your Car

Buying a new car is exciting but selling your current one can be less so. That’s why we at Gates Ford are delighted to be able to help make the process quick and easy, taking all the hassle out of selling your car and providing you with a competitive and fair valuation. Through our handy online tool, you simply need to enter a few details about your vehicle and a price will be returned almost instantly. This value will then prove helpful in determining your budget for your next vehicle.

While the process of obtaining a valuation for your car is fast and effortless, you should note that the price quoted is contingent on a number of factors, many of which will be carefully inspected in person. Our sales experts will look at overall condition, any optional extras that may be included, and the full service history of the model. As such, the final price you may receive may be less - and sometimes, more - than initially quoted.

Once you’re happy with the valuation you have received, you can then sell your vehicle directly to Gates Ford. You can even choose to use the vehicle as part exchange on one of the many other models we have in stock today, so take a look at our range and get started with selling your car. 

Why sell your car to us?

At Gates Ford, we are passionate about both the automotive industry and ensuring our customers secure the best value for money. This includes when you wish to sell or part exchange your vehicle. We’ll provide a competitive valuation and do all the hard work for you, providing a fast and efficient service every time. 

  •  Sell your vehicle in just three simple steps
  •  Obtain your valuation in under a minute
  •  Instant and competitive price

  • Seven-day price guarantee
  • Hassle-free experience

  • Collect from your nearest Gates dealership
  • Valuations are free of charge 

What affects the value of your car?

When selling your vehicle to a dealership such as Gates Ford, you need to be aware what impacts the valuation you receive. Of course, it’s clear to everyone that age and mileage are key factors in the price, but the overall condition and service history will play a vital role in ensuring you secure the best value possible. Below, we look at the various vehicle conditions to help manage your expectations when the time comes to sell. 

Showroom Condition

  • Vehicle requires no reconditioning and the body is free from scratches, chips and dents.
  • The interior trim is equally as impressive and unblemished. 
  • Wheels, alloys and trims should be unmarked and tyres should have a minimum 5mm of tread depth. 
  • Original factory specification.
  • Model comes with a full service history and MOT. 
  • All documentation and two sets of keys are available. 

Average Condition

  • The model will come with a service history and MOT but may require some work to ensure it’s in a suitable condition. 
  • Wheels, paintwork and interior trim may require minor attention. 

Below Average Condition

  • If the vehicle comes with an incomplete or poor service history or less than a month remaining on its MOT, it will be considered to be in poor condition and will result in a dip in valuation.
  • Work will be required to repair dents, chips, paint damage, mechanical issues, etc.

 How can I prepare my vehicle for sale?

There’s plenty you can do to help ensure your vehicle is in the best condition possible for sale, with a number of ways to help boost its value. At Gates Ford, we’re delighted to provide you with a few tips to help ensure you’re securing a valuation that is more than competitive. 

Clean your car:

A sparkling finish is always more appealing to motorists, so dig out the bucket and sponge and give the model a good clean. 

Keep your service records safe:

A full service history and MOT certificate can add value to your model, so ensure they’re kept safe and accessible. 

Check everything working:

It only takes a few minutes to ensure that everything from wipers to brake lights are working in your vehicle, so check them today. 

Repair any damage:

Ensuring any required work is completed prior to valuation will make a major difference to the price you receive. 

Find spare keys:

Having two sets of keys will also help ensure you secure the best valuation. 


Our frequently asked questions will help provide more details on the process of selling your car to Gates Ford. But if you still have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your local Gates dealership directly by picking up the phone or by submitting an online enquiry form.

Can I part-exchange my current car?


Of course. Once you receive your valuation, you will be able to use this in part exchange for any model we currently have available. 

Can I sell my car with outstanding finance?


Yes. However, all outstanding finance should be settled first - this is a process that can be carried out by a member of our team on your behalf. Get in touch today to learn more. 

What do I need for the valuation?


All that is required for your online valuation is the vehicle registration number, the current mileage, and your contact details. You will then be required to present any necessary documentation and keys during the visual inspection. 

Can I part exchange if I have a private registration plate?


You can, but we request that you liaise with a member of the team to discuss. This is due to the associated costs of transferring the number plate or assigning it to another motorist. 

Will you accept a below-average condition vehicle?


We will, but you should be aware that the value of such a model is often very low. As such, we recommend you conduct any repairs and obtain any missing documentation to ensure the best price possible.