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Why Are Electric Vehicles Better?

There are many reasons to choose an Electric or Hybrid vehicle. From lower running costs to reducing your carbon footprint, the benefits are numerous. Here are some of the key incentives to going greener.

Lower Running Costs

Compared to the price of petrol and diesel, electricity is very cheap. An All-Electric vehicle will cost, on average, two thirds less than conventionally fuelled engines on a cost per mile basis. Plug-In Hybrid options also offer significant reductions in running costs thanks to their large batteries and high overall ranges, which mean fewer stops at the pumps.

Research carried out by Cap HPI in 2018 suggested that electric cars cost an average of 23% less to run than petrol vehicles over a three-year/60,000 mile period.

Servicing and maintenance costs depend on the vehicle and the type of Hybrid powertrain it uses, but many manufacturers offer a fixed price plan to cover the costs of the first three years of servicing. To find out about the cost of servicing for Ford Hybrid and Electric cars, contact us today.

Ford Electric Customers
Government Grants The UK government is actively encouraging motorists to invest in hybrid and electric vehicles and is offering financial incentives for doing so. The electric car grant means you can get up to £2,500 off the purchase price of a fully electric car up to the value of £35,000. Meanwhile, low-emission van grants provide up to a maximum of £3,000 off the purchase price of a small van and up to £6,000 for a large van. In addition, almost all electric vehicles that require an external power source to charge are eligible for a grant of up to £350 towards a home charging point.